Our Mission

Inspired by the words of 2 Timothy 2:2, our mission is to “put the Gospel in the hands of faithful men who will do likewise.”

Here’s a feel for our vision from Camp Aurora Director, Rev. Mark Jordan:

We have pastors serving in many of our leadership roles, and a common heart for developing and discipling our men.  We love street ministry, but our goal is that God will pour into our guys.  We want God to break chains, set men free, speak to their hearts, call them into deeper waters, etc.

Our goal is that we will all be changed:  Better men, students, businessmen, workers, husbands, fathers, leaders, etc.  We want our work in NOLA to produce fruit in men’s homes, churches, workplaces and communities.  And we want these men to come back next year, bring more men, and be a part of this process.

To that end, our camp is designed to provide an intense “retreat” setting.  During the week we will use as many means as possible for God to deposit the goods into our hearts – through messages, large and small groups, worship, prayer, meals together, street ministry, and even bus rides.

Street Ministry is among those means.  We’ve all experienced the transforming power of learning to share our faith, and stepping through our fears to share with others.

In the end, however, discipling our men is our goal.  Street ministry is simply one means to that end.  I believe this is in keeping with our vision to “Put the Gospel in the hands of faithful men, that they might do likewise”  (2 Timothy 2:2).  We are introducing Christ into our men, in a multitude of ways, with hopes that God will grow them, help them live out the Gospel year-round, and involve them in discipling others.

This is our heartbeat. This is our mission.